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Michael Frayn’s play Copenhagen, is going on tour in the United States. A huge success on Broadway, the play won the 2000 Tony award for Best Play. Copenhagen reenacts the 1941 visit of Werner Heisenberg, who was then in charge of the Nazi nuclear power program, to Niels Bohr, his mentor, and collaborator in creating quantum mechanics, complementarity, and the uncertainty principle, in German – occupied Denmark. In conjunction with the opening of the play on Broadway, Dr. Brian Schwartz of the Graduate Center, City University New York, and Dr. Harry Lustig (former treasurer of APS and provost emeritus of CCNY), produced a symposium on the history and physics of the play. It would be good if similar symposia, or even more modest colloquia or seminars, could be arranged at University locations along the US tour of the play. See the schedule below. For more information on the play and symposia, go to the CUNY NYC Copenhagen Symposium page.

To organize a Copenhagen event in your area, contact: Brian Schwartz.

Copenhagen Symposia

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